Friday, February 18, 2011

Army Tank 30th Birthday Cake

Designed by: Dee

Skull w/ Ear Gauges Taco Dip: Eddie's Birthday

Designed by: Mom

Valentines Cupcakes

Designed by: Dee & Nicole

Flower Cupcakes: Erin's Housewarming Party

Flower Cupcakes Designed by: Dee & Erin
Flower Arrangement with Leopard ribbon:  Flowers by Yukie

Skateboard Cake: Eddie's Birthday

Designed by: Dee
Baked by:  Mom
3 cakes: layer of chocolate cake, chocolate icing, and vanilla cake.

Electric Guitar Cake: Eddie's Birthday

Designed by: Dee

Chocolate Covered Strawberries: Eddie's 2nd Valentine's Day

Designed by: Dee

Eddie's First Valentine's Day Cupcakes

Designed by: Dee

Ava's First Birthday Cake

Cake design found at: FunPartyCakes
Cake Decorated by: Liz Marden 

Ava's 1st Little Baby Bear Cake designed by: Steph (Dee's sister-in-law)